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Trainee Healing Day

Calling all Trainee Healers. 

Your Manchester District Healing chair, Mr Brian Pickford has arranged a healing training day for SH1 & 2 trainees. This event will take place at Gorton Monastery, 89 Gorton Lane, Manchester M1 2WF on Sunday 29th January, 2023. Students are asked to arrive at 10am for a 10:30 start. The day will conclude about 3pm. Healing Group leaders are welcome to attend with their students. Please bring your own lunch, To book a place for what promises to be a great day, please contact Mr Brian Pickford on 07516 037047.

Notice for Churches

Manchester District Council is working hard to support and assist our churches.

As energy prices have soared in recent times, we recognise the difficulties our churches face in keeping open, providing a warm and hospitable environment for their congregations.

Churches should by now have received the £250 grant from the SNU to mitigate the rising cost of energy, however, we are pleased to announce that your District Council would like to help further by offering our Manchester District churches a one off payment of £100 to ease the burden further.

To avail your church of this grant, we would ask church secretaries to email Matthew Mold, Manchester District Secretary on, and he will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements for payment.

Thank you to all our church committee's and volunteers for your hard work and energy in keeping churches open.


It is with regret that we announce the resignation of our President, Minister Janette Cookson and our Treasurer Mr Danny Goodchild, who have both worked tirelessly for many years on behalf of our District and the SNU. They are both true ambassadors for Spiritualism.

Your District Committee however, continue to work hard on your behalf ensuring that we provide both continuity and a smooth transition as new people take up their positions. Vice President Patricia Redman has stepped into the role of President, Secretary Matthew Mold has taken on the additional role of Treasurer and Susan Presley (CSNU) has kindly agreed to be the District Education Officer.


I am sure that many of you will want to wish Janette and Danny all the best for the future, as they continue with their support and dedication to the running of Salford Church.

Thank you Janette & Danny for your hard work and commitment over many years.

SNU Peace Walk, National Memorial Arboretum 2nd July 2022

MDC Peace Walk1.JPG
Minister Jackie Wright, New President of the SNU, Minister Dennis Jackson& Pauline Jackson.
MDC Peace Walk2.JPG
Piper & Bugler playing at the SNU Memorial.
MDC Peace Walk4.JPG
SNU Manchester District Council Wreath laid at the Memorial Site.

Coffee Mornings

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