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To our Individual Members and church committees, as you know nominations for the Manchester District Council Committee have now closed. The nominations have been counted and verified and the following people have been duly nominated:

President: Patricia Redman (unopposed)

Vice President: Colin Lomax (unopposed)

Treasurer: Helen Lomax (unopposed)

Secretary: Matthew Mold (unopposed)

Individual Members Rep: Susan Presley CSNU (unopposed)

District Healing Leader: Brian Pickford & Janet McManus

Committee Members:

Peter St. Clair (unopposed),

Janet Kelly CSNU (unopposed)

Nicola Banks (unopposed)

Auditor: Georgina Breck (unopposed).

As can be seen, there are two nominations for the position of 'Healing Leader', when your ballot papers arrive, we would be very grateful if you could vote accordingly.

We look forward to welcoming you to Manchester District Council AGM, to be held at Manchester Spiritualist Centre, 2, Alexandra Road South M16 8ER at 11am in Saturday 20th April 2024. Doors will open at 10:30am for tea/coffee and a buffet will be served after the meeting has concluded.

*****Please remember to bring your SNU Credential Card and/or Church Representative cards in order to vote on any motions that may be put forward.






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