It is with great sadness that we announce the passing over to spirit of our great friend and true ambassador for spirit Mr Joe Maloney. Joe will be known to many for his friendship, and the tireless work he carried out in the name of Spiritualism. The spirit world have gained a wonderful soul who will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Our condolences and prayers go out to Joe's family and friends. Please feel free to offer your condolences in the comments box below.

Today (13th April) we said our final farewell to the mortal remains of Joseph Maloney.   The Service was conducted by his friend Minister Dennis Jackson who spoke so eloquently about him.  A wonderful tribute was given by his family which truly reflected the Joe that we all knew.   Joe was a kind, caring, generous man, a true gentleman, and a wonderful ambassador for our religion.   He was President of Saddleworth Spiritualist Church for many years where he devoted his time trying to keep the doors of the Church open in some difficult times.   Healing was a passion of Joe’s and anybody who came into contact with him would always leave knowing they had been in the company of someone who really cared about their wellbeing.   Apart from being a healing medium for many years at Saddleworth Church Joe was also a member of the Hook Healing Trust where he travelled every week come rain or shine to be of service to spirit in the act of healing.

It was good to see people from some of our Churches paying their respects to a truly wonderful gentleman who will be sadly missed by many.  God speed Joe, you were a friend to many and a much-loved brother and uncle to your family.   We will always remember your smile and thank your family for the seeds we each received to plant in your memory.  Until we meet again Joe, God Bless.  Minister Janette Cookson, President Manchester District Council SNU.