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It is with great sadness that I share the news of the passing of Mavis Pittilla into the spirit world. Mavis is a household name in the spiritualist community, both here in the UK and abroad, and I know that she will be sadly missed by her partner Jean.


I am sure that everyone who knew Mavis will find it hard to put into words what she meant to them. She has been a trailblazing ambassador for our religion, spreading her understanding and teachings worldwide to all who would listen. 


Mavis mentored countless students as they began their spiritual journey, so many are thankful for having her in their lives.


My memories of Mavis go back to when she first came to Moston Spiritualist Church, Manchester UK in the late 1960s, Mavis came for healing and although we have not been in each others company on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis, whenever we have met it has been like the world had stopped still and we then carried on from where we had left off.


Mavis, you were one of those rare people I could call a friend. Your teachings have not finished, they have merely been put on pause until those close to you, especially Jean, can grieve for their loss, knowing in their hearts that they will meet you again.


Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Jean as we wish Mavis bon voyage on her eternal journey.


Minister Janette Cookson

President, Manchester (SNU) District Council.


 Please feel free to offer your condolences in the comments box below.

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